“The city will fall, and fall soon. And when it happens – well, I’ve seen it
before, and I don’t want to see it again. I shouldn’t think Joey does either. So
I just hope that whatever he’s brought us here for, we can be done with it and
away again before the soldiers get in. They don’t leave anything standing or
anybody living.”

Crowboy is an immensely assured first novel. It’s tense and atmospheric, blending reality and magic and creating an almost mythological feel in a future dystopian setting.” – The Book Bag

“This is a stunning book, daring, brilliantly written…the language is powerful, the story is moving and this is the best-written children’s book, in terms of style, that I have read in a good while.” – Waterstones Review



“Calcutt’s coming-of-age tale combines  realism and the supernatural in a tense and haunting tale.” – The Oxford Times

“A true spine-chiller of a book.” – Our Book Reviews Online

“His prose is lyrical, evocative and wonderfully economical. He has the poet’s ability to bring characters and situations to convincing life with just a few well chosen words.” – Stirling Observer

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