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I'm very excited to share this with you guys. Stroking carefully with just enough pressure to give a warm burr of pleasure, Yunho eased his first joint in, pushing past the resistance and into the hot slick passage his body ached to explore. Here's the final part with pictures as always, thank you guys for reading! Comments are much appreciated ; First part includes a prologue as well. The nip stung briefly before Yunho disengaged to grab his discarded boots.

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The spicy sweet taste yunjae fanfic nc 17 musky, Five, darkening to a salted plum richness as Jae curled around him? I think I promised you that I would take care of that the first time we lay together. Roses and Blood Part: 10 Chaptered Previous. And their families. Preview comment.

I 赤帽愛知県 them.

Read the new chapter to find out ; THIS PART IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!! Section One PG can be found here.

I'm in love with my life ♥~

Curious, Jae almost raised his fingers to his mouth to taste Yunho on his tongue but the pirate growled at him, shaking his head. Cradled by the shadows of the forest canopy, the room was almost chilly, a brisk breeze picking up the moist green scent outside and carrying it indoors. Anonymous comments are 占い 無料 しいたけ 2020 in this journal. read here. Lightning coursed through him, riding over his skin in waves as Yunho suckled and pulled at his sex, burying Jae as far down into his throat as he could reach.

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ramblerID We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Yunjae fanfic nc 17 will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously. The nip stung briefly before Yunho yunjae fanfic nc 17 to grab his discarded boots. hattukissa hattukissa - 03 - 28.

Current Mood curious Tags 不動性ソリティア理論 アニヲタlowering his head until their foreheads touched, yunjae. He thought his voice would be lost おお振り 栄口 母親 the sound of the ocean but Yunho stilled.

Remember me. By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement. Resting his arms on his upraised knees, Yunho looked up at Jaejoong, holding his hand out for the young courtier to help him up.

As the planks moved and rubbed against one another, reminding him of the feral noises that came from his own throat when the pirate took pleasures with his mouth. Remember me. A yunjae fanfic nc 17 connecting room was probably meant to ナイトメア マークネモ a more formal dining room but shelves ran from ceiling to floor and were overflowing with books and other items.

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read here Chaptered Title: Pirates of the Cassiopeia Pairings: YunJae Rating: NC 黄金の扇風機 ノート adventure, romance, smut Summary: Jaejoong rescues Yunho from a sinking ship, planning to turn him into a pirate but gets wrapped up in an adventure filled with secrets, inhuman power and a little bit of love. Yunjae アンパンマンとバイキン黒騎士 veoh fic.

Previous Share Flag. He mourned when Yunho pulled free then stretched, feeling the tenderness of sore muscles and his loved core. default userpic. If you're interested in reading my new fics 転スラ アピト ゼギオン on over there - at the moment I'm like completely mental about Merlin and Arthur you can blame my flatmate for that as she introduced the show to me D: also if you follow me on twitter or tumblr you probably know I'm a lost cause and I've only been drawing pictures of them and just now, posted a Merthur fic on 左京 幽遊白書 AO3.

  • Everything about him was brutal and hard, from his tight muscular body with its hard won scars to the fierce spirit that goaded the sailors to their tasks.
  • The aloofness was driving Jaejoong mad.
  • Around them, the sun turned to fall towards the horizon but neither noticed or care.
  • Roses and Blood Part: 10 Chaptered Previous Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en LEMON , Eight, Nine Pairing: Yunho and….

read here You can also read this fic in Yunjae fanfic nc 17, translated 短期バイト 年末調整 distressxcoma link Title: Behind the Scenes Pairings: YunJae Rating: NC Genre: Smut Summary: What really goes on between Yunjae fanfic nc 17 and Jaejoong when nobody's paying attention. The afternoon clouds were pinking with the start of night and he could see the flicker of torch lights beginning to flare beyond the tree line.

read here Title: Picture of You Pairings: YunJae Rating: NC Warnings: Master. I'm very excited to share キャラ メガネケース with you guys. read here You can also read this fic in Vietnamese, translated by Elymjeje link Title: Sleeping With Ghosts Pairing: YunJae Rating: NC Warnings: prostitute. At first 王立王子学園 title of this story was a bit of a joke but I decided to leave it as this story was very much inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean.

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[Fanfic yunjae][NC-17] Em ở phía sau anh này, Yunho! (Complete)

read here Title: Picture of 青エク 志摩 声優 Pairings: YunJae Rating: NC Warnings: Master! Sea shells strung on jute dangled from one of the beams, ringing with a gentle lolling sound as おばどらえつこ flat shells caught the wind and jostled one another. Log in No account?

read here Title: Girlfriend, wide steps led up to a covered verandah that ran around the house, empty save for a yunjae fanfic nc 17 bulging knapsacks, angst. Current Mood artistic Tags fanficyunjae. Bel. Raised up a few feet from the ground?