St. Giles Project Award

I’ve just had some good news.  A project  I worked on at St. Giles Hospice in Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield has just been given the West Midlands Arts Health and Well Being Award. As writer, I was lead artist on the project, working alongside photographer-artist Dominic Pote, artist Peter Tinkler. documentary photographer Ming de Nasty, and co-ordinators Glen Buglass and Rachel Parker. Working with and alongside patients and staff we used poetry and images to explore intimate thoughts about living and dying, and the result was a beautifully produced book called “Being Here”.   It was a very moving and rewarding project to work on, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.


Here’s just one of the group poems from the book:


A Window in my World


Peaceful and calm,

Caring, friendly,

Away from the familiar four walls.


Being here opens a window

In my world,

Taking time out,

Watching and reflecting.


The tranquillity quietens the soul.


It’s a paradox,

An overwhelming experience,

So glad I came.


In my last moments,

When I give my last gasp,

I hope I am here.



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